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I consult in Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham
In Solihull, I consult at Spire Parkway Hospital. Normally on Monday morning and Tuesday morning although other times can be provided if requested.
In Sutton, Coldfield I consult at Spire little Aston Hospital. Normally on Tuesday noon and Friday evening although other times can be provided if requested.

In Birmingham, at BMI Edgbaston Hospital, Thursday afternoon

I operate on my private patients at two hospitals:

* Spire Parkway Hospital in Solihull.
* Spire little Aston Hospital in Sutton Coldfield.
* BMI Edgbaston Birmingham

All appointments can be made through my private secretary Alison Fogerty or by calling the Hospital Directly.
Alison Fogerty
Tel: 07830-774476, 0121-3641600
Fax: 01789-488441
If there is no reply to the phone please leave a message and we will get back to you

It is generally in your best interest to involve your General Practitioner before seeing a Consultant as a private patient. Your GP may be able to supply helpful information about your past medical history which may not have occurred to you. However, this is your choice. If you have Private Health Insurance you are advised to read your Policy carefully as many policies require a referral from your GP before authorisation for private care is agreed.

I am happy to see you for a second opinion. Most doctors find that in the case of second opinions it is very useful if your GP or yourself provides as much information as possible , together with all the relevant reports, scans, x rays , blood tests and so on as this can save both your time and expense.

Please refer to your Policy. Some companies will give pre-authorisation over the phone while others will require a claim form to be completed. Some of the claim forms require the GP's signature and others request the Specialist to complete the paperwork. Usually, a quick phone call to your medical insurance company will clarify matters.

Mr Salama is recognised by all health insurance providers and his status has been established.

There are many different insurance companies and many different policies. Some do not cover out-patient fees or have certain limits. Patients should check their policy to see what is covered and determine whether they may be liable for part of the cost.

One increasing problem with Insurance Companies is that most have not increased their cover for surgical fees for ten to fifteen years. This is despite annual inflation and the fact that the costs of medical practice, especially medical insurance, have increased significantly. Depending on the policy there is sometimes a shortfall. A shortfall is where an insurance company will pay up to a certain limit and leave the patient to pay the excess on the surgical fee. In addition, there may sometimes also be a shortfall in the anaesthetic fees, although the other fees should be paid by the insurance company. We, however do our best to avoid any shortfalls.

For costs of consultations and procedures for uninsured individuals please contact my secretary or the Hospital directly who will be able to provide you with a quote.

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